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Reporting illegal camping and AirBnB’s around Portland

Reporting illegal camping and AirBnB’s around Portland

Tis the summertime again – and the homeless situation appears to be even more out of control than usual.

If you need to report illegal campsites, campers, and public nuisance, turns out there is a handy website for the city. This will help the city track what’s going on in the neighborhoods. If they are on public land, then you report them as a campsite. If they have squeezed themselves onto a business front/private property – then report a ‘Neighborhood Nuisance Complaint’ or ‘Neighborhood Housing Complaint’. If in doubt, file them as multiple and they will sort it out.

Here’s where you can report illegal AirBnB’s:


Finding glass floats on the Oregon coast

Finding glass floats on the Oregon coast

Did you know that each year from mid-October to Memorial Day, glass float makers place their hand-made, numbered glass floats on the beaches near Lincoln City?  Their army of “Float Fairies” covertly hit the seven miles of public beach hiding handcrafted glass floats along their way, from Roads End on the north to Siletz Bay on the south.

While we put out over 3,000 floats each year, official floats, which are numbered, are placed reflected by the year – so 2,016 numbered floats were placed in 2016, 2,017 in 2017, etc…. You find it, you keep it!

Here’s a link for more info.

Portland cable-access-like-youtuber vonHummer

Portland cable-access-like-youtuber vonHummer

vonHummer is a local public-access-like Youtuber and musician in Portland. I’m not sure how to describe his shows other than a psychedelic trip with a man who wears plastic lobsters attached to his head and speaks in made-up languages, co-stared by a skeleton man that shakes beers and shoots them with a pellet gun, and several strange women. Each one of his shows usually has a song he’s made up for the occasion.

He has a YouTube channel, but here’s an idea of what you’re getting into:

Cooking Morel Mushrooms

Cooking Morel Mushrooms

I grew up in the midwest, and morel mushroom hunting was an annual tradition. I have fond memories of my grandfather cooking these at his house and eating them until I was completely stuffed.

So, with at least 2 vendors selling them at the local Saturday farmer’s market, I decided to buy a few pounds and try out some recipes.

The first recipe I tried was this one:

Non-Blasphemous Morel Mushrooms

Honorable Mention, Earthy Delights 2009 Morel Recipe Contest

8 oz. fresh morels, sliced once lengthwise
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp butter
2 cloves garlic, finely minced
3 tbsp good white wine (if you wouldn’t drink it out of a glass, don’t cook with it)

In a large pan, saute morels, olive oil, butter, and garlic for five minutes. Add white wine. Continue sauteing for 5 more minutes. Mangia!
Note: Adding anything else to the morels, coating them in anything, or putting them in any sauce or soup is blasphemy, plain and simple. If you want to coat them in batter and drown them in grease, or otherwise hide the texture or flavor of these wonderful harbingers of Spring, send your morels to me, and I will send you some button mushrooms.

It was fantastic. They were light and delicious. I started scarfing them down as fast as I could cook them. My favorite!


Next up was to find a deep-fried sort of recipe like I remember from my childhood.

Fried Morel Mushrooms

This one was much more like I remembered, but I put the batter on too heavy during the first batch. The second batch was better – so the key is to keep it light. While more like I remembered as a kid for sure, I found them overly heavy with the breading – but that didn’t stop me from eating them all.  It was great to relive some memories of my younger years.



Point Break Live!

Point Break Live!

This is crazy. These guys tour around the US and live re-enact the classic 80’s Keanu Reeves’ movie “Point Break”. But even better, they come with no lead actor. They grab a few willing fans out of the audience who quickly do 3 different audition quotes, the audience votes for the best one, and that person becomes agent Johnny Utah for the next hour and a half.

It’s a pretty hilarious time – totally recommend it.

Party like the Great Gatsby

Party like the Great Gatsby

Back again here in downtown Portland!

Ron Bearden presents: The Roaring 20s – Great Gatsby Dance Party!

You are invited to step back into the roaring 20’s and celebrate in the lifestyle of the Great Gatsby and the end of prohibition. For your dancing and romancing pleasure The Midnight Serenaders will be performing an amazing and fun show guaranteed to keep all you sexy flappers and zuit suit daddy’s on the dance floor. We will also have a special vintage drink selection including champagne cocktail Singles……..Couples……….. Come and enjoy a fun evening and meet your sweetheart at the Dance!!!


The beautiful Adrianna Hill Ballroom is one of Portland’s best keep secrets. Built in 1901 this storybook setting has been fully restored with a suspended “U” shaped balcony, cathedral styling 55 foot stage and spacious vaulted ceilings.

Dress to Impress – Putting on the Ritz Here is your chance to slip on some swanky outfit and strut your stuff. Gangster, flapper or glamorous, zuit suit, tuxedo………. Or just cocktail attire is also fine and take in the show. We will have a fashion stroll and prizes for the best dressed.

Dancing and music All Night Long!!!!!

$10.00 advance tickets available at

Charity Giving at the End of the Year

Charity Giving at the End of the Year

As we enter the home stretch of the year and enter the Advent season, it’s a great time to volunteer, adopt a family, serve food or eat and visit with the homeless, and make some end of the year donations to charities as part of our preparation for Christmas.

If you want to support women, especially young, vulnerable women, during pregnancy, I would suggest a donation to the Fr. Taaffe Foundation. I’ve met Fr Taaffe and heard about the lives of many young women his group has helped over its 40 years and believe this is exactly the kind of support that really helps communities and stops unhealthy social cycles.

Reverend Monsignor Charles Taaffe began the Father Taaffe Foundation by opening the St. Brigid Home in 1975 in Keizer, Oregon. By 1990, Father realized that many more teenage mothers were keeping their babies and that there was a need for a home where young mothers could learn skills to help them succeed as single mothers.

Today, Catholic Community Services sustains Father’s vision as a nondenominational, nonprofit, charitable program, where homes and community-based supports provide structure, security, unconditional love and encouragement for single, pregnant and parenting teens.

Father Taaffe Homes are welcoming, comforting homes, inspiring hope for the future, self-confidence and independence. Certified by the State of Oregon and operated by Catholic Community Services, the homes provide young women, ages 12 to 20, a safe and nurturing environment from which to build their futures.

Through both residential and community-based services, expecting and young, single mothers gain knowledge and skills from prenatal care, to parenting, to running a household and creating healthy social connections for themselves and their babies. Those who come to live in a Father Taaffe Home are provided with basic amenities, including food, laundry facilities, access to local transportation, and computers to help with school work and job search.

Link for donations: