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Slowing down the past

Slowing down the past

Hot on the heals of Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old, restoration of old films using lots of fascinating new techniques is hitting mainstream. One of those technologies being to slow down the old hand-crank ~10fps movies that play too fast when put on modern ~30fps transfers.

Videographer Guy Jones slows down film from the late 1800s to early 1900s to more accurately match the speed at which modern footage is recorded and played. In addition to editing the pace of the century-old film, Jones also adds in sound effects to make the scenes more relatable.

Check out his Youtube channel for more of these amazing edits.

Oregon as a Ghibli film

Oregon as a Ghibli film

Wow – just wow!!! Amazing job Travel Oregon! Apparently the paired with Psyop who brought on an additional studio Sun Creature to assist.

Almost everything in the video is a real place/thing in Oregon. Here’s a breakdown – let me know if I missed anything, or you think I got it wrong. Click on the images for larger versions!

1. Ramona Falls:

2. Could be any lake near Mt Hood, but likely is Trillium Lake:

3. Woodburn Tulip Festival:

4. Willamette Valley:

5. Willamette Valley Wineries:

6. Willamette Valley Wine & Balloon tours:

7. Cannon Beach – Haystack rock:

8. Cannon Beach from Ecola Park:

9. Crater Lake:

10. Black Rock Mountainbiking trails near Falls City:

11. Portland:

12. Dragon Boat Racing in Portland:

11. The Wallowas – almost exactly this shot:

12. Kiger MustangsSteens Mountains/Kiger Creek:

13. Whitewater Rafting is many places, but it looks like it might be the Rogue River (top). It might also be the Deschutes (bottom pic). Some have suggested it is the White Salmon River (but that is in Washington):

14. Think this is Tom McCall Preserve (top picture). Or it might be a from Dog Mountain(bottom pic), but that is on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge:

15. Three Sister’s from around Sisters, OR:

Remove objects from your videos

Remove objects from your videos

Adobe Photoshop has an amazing feature called context aware fill. But it was only available on still images. Now you can do it with video. While I do see a small tick here or there, it does a pretty good job with temporal smoothness.



Australian photographer Murray Fredericks journeys to the center of Lake Eyre, a desert salt lake. Fredericks drags all of his equipment out into the barren landscape, capturing the dramatic sky reflected in both the inch-deep water and his rectangular mirror. The images are breathtaking color-based works.

Long haul overnight pilot from Europe to South America sets up 10+ hour time lapse…

Long haul overnight pilot from Europe to South America sets up 10+ hour time lapse…

Sales Wick is a long haul pilot and photographer. He was piloting a massive 10+ hour overnight flight from Switzerland to Rio de Janeiro. The route takes them across the Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean. While most people will be settling in for a night of sleep, he sets up his camera and captures this transcendent video. I won’t do it justice, so just read his words:

“(We go) …past the bright city light of the capital of Algeria towards the Sahara. Tonight will be a special night, since its one of the few nights every August where countless shooting stars will be seen all over the night sky. Deriving from the constellation of Perseus, these meteor showers will guide us through the night.

 Just as the bright city lights are vanishing behind us, the Milky way starts to become clearly visible up ahead. It’s now pacing us, at almost the speed of sound, along the invisible highway and the pitch-black night sky above this surreal landscape. Ahead of us are another eight hours flight time, but we already stopped counting the shooting stars. And we got already to a few hundred.”

If you ever doubt there is beauty in the world – watch this.