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Nope Eye

Nope Eye

Uncanny valley describes objects that imperfectly resemble actual human beings and provoke uncanny or eeriness in observers.

We need another word that describes things that actually horrify you. Perhaps the terror trough?

Scary frights and Lockdowns

Scary frights and Lockdowns

I love a good spooky story. With covid locking us all down, folks making scary experiences have gotten creative.

Psycho Clan – a group that creates immersive theatrical events – is making some interesting horror audio experiences in which you blindfold some friends, set up some simple props, and then guide them through the auditory experience. Looks like it could be some good fun!

Inspired by the classic ghost story “The Toll House” by W. W. Jacobs, you play Sam, a member of an intrepid group of friends who stubbornly insists on testing whether a house, notoriously known to be haunted, truly is… by spending the night in it!

Painted by a madman!

Painted by a madman!

"The Scream" Edvard Munch Hidden Graffiti Found Under Infrared Light

Edward Munch is most famous for his painting ‘The Scream’. He was a tortured soul by his own admission, and would struggle with alcoholism and mental illness later in life. He once wrote, “Illness, insanity, and death were the black angels that kept watch over my cradle and accompanied me all my life.” His most famous painting, The Scream, has inspired countless depictions of pain—including the famous Scream mask.

Etched into the paint of one of the most famous paintings in the world, a haunting eight-word sentence has been a mystery to art historians for over a century. The sentence reads, “Can only have been painted by a madman.” The mysterious statement—clearly added sometime after the painting’s debut in 1893—was long thought to be added either by a disgruntled onlooker or perhaps the artist himself.

Infrared Hidden Graffiti

The century-old debate has finally been settled by modern technology. Using infrared photography to compare handwriting to Munch’s letters and journals, experts at the National Museum of Norway claim the words are in fact the artist’s own. Read more about the discovery here.

Portland Winter Light Festvial 2021

Portland Winter Light Festvial 2021

The Portland Winter Light Festival has been growing every year. What started as a very humble collection of eccentric artists has become a ever growing event.

Unfortunately, half of this year’s event occurred during our big snowstorm – the very weekend I was hoping to go out so I missed most of it. Bummer. However a few folks posted some video of this year’s event:

Also, here’s some collected photos from the event over the last few years to enjoy


Belle Epoque

Belle Epoque

Messy Nessy Chick tells us about the Incroyables (men) and their female counterparts the Merveilleuses – a short-lived aristocratic subculture which emerged in Paris during the penultimate stage of the French Revolution, as a sort of counter-revolution. They held hundreds of balls and started fashion trends in clothing and mannerisms that today seem exaggerated and affected.

They scandalized Paris with revealing dresses and tunics modelled after the ancient Greeks and Romans, cut of light or transparent linen and gauze. For a brief period, young aristocrats who survived the Reign of Terror greeted the new regime with a defiant outbreak of luxury and daring decadence through their exaggerated clothing, silly mannerisms and indulgent behavior.

While it didn’t last, I was amazed at some of these outfits and wonder if they couldn’t be highly popular if modernized today…

When all is said and done

When all is said and done

Existential crisis. We all face it at some point in our lives. Did I make an impact? What happens when I die? Did I matter at all? It’s a Wonderful Life is all about one man’s existential crisis. I’m also reminded of the line from movie Blade Runner.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Time to die.

Roy Batty – Blade Runer

When we think all the way back to the stone age – one is confronted by so many lives that were lived and never remembered. No matter how much we accomplish, how rich, how powerful we become – no matter what amazing things we do, death and obscurity await us all in a long enough timeline. It is sometimes said that you only exist as long as one person remembers you. Or as long as something you did or created impacts another life. So what happens when that is finally gone? Do I really matter? Does any of it matter?

For me, it’s knowing those even when the world forgets – those moments and our lives are not lost. Even when the last person that knew me dies or the last impact of my work fades – all of it comes with me into eternity.

Because there is always someone that remembers. They were all shared with one who loved me and was with me my whole life. We spend eternity together remembering those moments and witnessing how my actions echo through time – in the glory of perfect joy. For Jesus was with me yesterday, today, and through all eternity – and he loves me more than I can even love myself.

That is where true hope lies.