Taking celebrities to lunch

Taking celebrities to lunch

So, you go to the Portland Retro Gaming panel of 80’s Atari programmers. Each one of which made the most popular games of the age, ones you and all your friends played. After the talk, you’re chatting with them and everyone discovers it’s well past lunch. You say, “Hey guys, you wanna go across the street and grab a bite to eat? My treat.”

And that’s how you end up taking all your childhood programming heroes out to lunch.

From L to R:
David Crane – Founder of Activision, Activision’s Pitfall
Tod Frye – Atari’s PacMan, Swordquest series
Rob Zdybel – Star Trek, Star Raiders, Atari Football
Bob Smith – Star Wars, Video Pinball, co-founder of Imagic
Gary Kitchen – Donkey Kong, Keystone Kapers
Mr Kitchen’s son


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