The sad Black Friday…

The sad Black Friday…

I love a deal.

But after going to my usual suspect sites that tracks all things deal related – and the specific Black Friday ads and the essential Black Friday tracker page – I found this year not even worth getting up for.  There was only one thing I was interested in, the Hauppauge HD TV tuner card for $19 at Circuit City (I wanted a spare).  I showed up at the store at 11am and they were predictably sold out of this door-buster deal, but after getting a sales rep over, he got one ordered for me from a stock of 30-some in his machine for the $19 price and I walked out the door.  Outside that and a $100 color laser printer that I didn’t really need – there just wasn’t much interesting to be had.  Noteably missing: hard drive and video card deals.  Not one single decent one to be found.

It was also terribly stupid to wait in line or really even go to the brick-and-morter versions of the stores this year.  All the deals had been started at their online shops at wee hours of the morning (2am/5am/6am, etc).  Some places had even started their BF sales online earlier in the week.  I also don’t understand what deals people are expecting on BF for just normal shopping.  Unless you’re going in for the specific door-buster deals (usually there are only about 20-30 of such items with limited quantities and they sell out just seconds after the doors open) the sales on BF really aren’t that any better than the regular sale prices.  Just come some other sale weekend and you’ll likely get the exact same price for those non-doorbuster items.

News reports show that BF made a good showing (which undoubtably made retailers sigh in relief) but people were buying less quantity. Let’s see how it all pans out the rest of the shopping season.

Anybody out there get something interesting?

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