Removing the 60fps limit in Dead by Daylight

Removing the 60fps limit in Dead by Daylight

It seems that as games target more platforms on release, they are increasingly dumbing down the controls and limit features to the lowest common denominator platform. For PC’s, this mean frame rates are often capped at 60fps. Dead by Daylight goes even further by not even allowing you to change the FPS limit in the PC game. Those that have tried increasing the limit have run into various animation/physics bugs – indicating that this limit on the PC is due to lack of validation/issues.

The good news is you can remove this limit. If you want to change the VSync or FPS limit then edit GameUserSettings.ini located in your user directory:


Change the following line to whatever you want your max frame rate to be. I have a 144hz display, so I set mine to this:


This next step is not required if you just want to set the FPS limit, but you can also to turn vsync on/off by changing this line to true/false respectively:


Save file. Play game.


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