Long time – so it’s quick

Long time – so it’s quick

I know, I know. I’ve been really bad about the blog updates.

Short summaries: went home for Christmas – awesome trip. Got to see my friends and family – but it was too short. Came back, got the flu and was in bed for 4 days straight and I’m just now getting over it all.  Went snowboarding twice and that was fun – it’s nice to have snow again. Work is going well and I’ve been offered a full-time position with the group I’m working with. Still doing a lot of contemplation and work on my personal and spiritual growth. The last few months have gone very well and I really appreciate all your prayers and the support.

God is still working, active, and we’re doing a lot of good work together. The ultimate vocational destination isn’t clear just yet; but that’s OK because it’s clear we’re working on the questions I need to answer before being ready. Hmmmm, what else. Things are going well overall. Weather’s been really rainy and things are flooding around here. Not too bad yet; but more rain is coming. I’ve been contemplating a site re-design to add comments to the blogs. I might be making a foray into more javascripting and/or web database coding. Always been curious about that. Also, I want to change the gallery layout so that you can get bigger/smaller pictures depending on your screen resolution. Will be investigating that a little more.

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