You’ve reached my website! Just a brief note about the author.  I’m currently a software engineer at Intel in Oregon.  It’s been a long trip to get to this point, and had many twists and turns.

I started life in rural Indiana near Lafayette and grew up in a big family of 10.  I attended Purdue University and got my bachelors degree in Computer Science in 1998.  I then moved to Oregon where I worked at Intel as a software engineer for 5 years (including internships).  I loved my job and worked in the Graphics and 3D technologies research group in Intel’s Architecture Labs (IAL) and helped write the Shockwave 3D engine before I started being tugging and pointed in a new direction.  I took 4 years off work to live in a monastery during graduate school studying philosophy and theology.

I completed 4 years of grad school and have returned to the software world where I’m still working at Intel as a software engineer specializing in 3D graphics.  I most recently worked on the Larrabee multi-core graphics project and am currently working the 3D graphic samples team here at Intel. I’m still not certain where this is all leading; but it has been the most amazing, challenging, fulfilling and growing experience so far.  My theological studies have put me on the front-page of newspapers, met people I’d never expected (including the pope), traveled many places around the world, and had the honor of working with many great people.  If you’d like to read about the journey so far, check out my blog entries.

If you’d like to email me do so here.  Be sure to put the @ sign back in for the (@t) part [this thwarts spam bots that surf pages]
matt.fife (@t) gmail.com

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  1. Hey Matt! Didn’t realize you had your own page. Fascinating! Can’t wait to read more posts.

    1. Absolutely! I’ve been fooling around on here for a few years and multiple site redesigns. Spread this one around to any of the old crew!

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