I’m up in Alaska right now. This last week was one of my best seminarian buddies ordination to the priesthood here in Fairbanks. A couple of us flew up for the ceremony and ensuing revelry. It was a great ceremony and went wonderfully.

It was also my first trip to Alaska as well. Unfortunately, I only have had an extra day or two to go around and see the sights. I went to the University of Alaska and the museum (highly recommend). Went out to see the Alaska pipeline, the large animal research center with musk-ox and reindeer, ate at a lot of greasy spoons (with reindeer meat sausage), went to North Pole, Alaska (most amazingly bad tourist trap I’ve yet visited), and drove down to Denali. I have one day to do a trip through Denali, then next day I catch my flight back home. Sigh. Where does the time go?  Hopefully I’ll get some good pictures tomorrow. Haven’t gotten out of town to take many so far since we’ve been doing ordination activities.

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