New job is final

New job is final

So, the new job awaits!

I’ve been doing graphics drivers for our Digital Home group at Intel the last two years, but it’s been mostly on mobile class parts and lower-level graphics drivers. While fun, it isn’t very cutting edge or particularly challenging.

A great job opportunity came up recently, so I interviewed for it and was notified that I beat out the other candidates late last week. The job is still here at Intel (heck, its with a group just down the hall).  So just a lateral move in the company.  However, my new work will be doing research and development of shader-based graphics algorithms for a new kind of high-end graphics architecture. Some of the information about the architecture is out in the public, but a lot is not. So, for fear of not spilling too many beans, you can check out this thread here for more information about what I’ll be working on.

I’m excited to begin – and begin I will in less than 2 weeks!

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