Mt Hood

Mt Hood

Got a great shot of Mount Hood right at sunset from the Pacific Crest Trail.

It was a real whim that I went up there.  It was a beautiful day – one of the few we have left before the winter rains come – so I wandered up to Mt Hood as sunset approached.  As it turns out, it was a 3/4 moon too – which I just got lucky with.  I hiked out to the spot I planned to shoot from.  But as sunset came I was somewhat disappointed with the colors even though it was a beautiful, cloudless evening.  I guess I was hoping for more oranges/reds – maybe a little Alpenglow (I’ve seen Mt Hood light up before – so I know it happens).

The pictures were just so-so in my book, so on a whim I switched to black and white.  Well, the oranges/reds that I did get on the mountain acted just like a red filter and as soon as I saw it I went ‘Wow’.  Maybe you will too.

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