Heater Core – part duex

Heater Core – part duex

It worked!

It took me and a very good friend (who I owe a seriously nice dinner/movie/beer/etc night) about 8-10 hours of work and you literally had to pull the ENTIRE inside of the car apart to the firewall. I got pictures at the various stages; and it was really impressive. We got it all back together and fired it up – worked like a champ. In fact, I fixed a vent problem (it had been stuck closed for 4 months) that had been really annoying me.

Now the whole car smells like fresh aluminum and no more antifreeze smell. 🙂 I forgot my flash card, so I’ll have to put the pictures up separately. Right now it’s all back to normal, all the console pieces work perfectly (better than before actually) and the heater is better than ever. I just need to dry the inside passenger compartment carpet since the core leaked antifreeze down the firewall as it died.

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