Ha ho ho ho! This adventure game is awesome.

I’ve been enjoying playing for a couple of days now. You can sign up for a character and then adventure online (with live chatting) through the Kingdom of loathing – for free!

It’s so much more awesome than Everquest – and less likely to addict you. You only get a certain number of ‘adventures’ (adventure points) each day – which you can play through in about 30 minutes.  This keeps people from getting horribly addicted; and at just the right levels of fun/involvement. All the graphics are badly hand-drawn stick figures. Meat is the currency – not gold. Adventure to Mt. Noob for instruction, challenge the Brotherhood of the Smackdown, find adventure in the haunted pantry, or the dungeon full of dungeons. You must pass a literacy test in order to gain access to the online chat (including knowing the correct usages of their, there, and they’re).

So far I have attacked: a possessed can of tomatoes, undead elbow macaroni, and so forth. But don’t just listen to me, here’s a quote from the game:

“Just outside Cobb’s Knob, you encounter an adolescent Knob Goblin waving a paintbrush around. “Look at me,” he shouts. “I’m an artist! I don’t have a real job! I only listen to bands you’ve never heard of!” Knowing better, you lay the smack down and take the brush, determined to return it to its rightful owner. You acquire an item: pretentious paintbrush”.

How can you go wrong like that?

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