Quandary Phase-Hitchhikers Guide on BBC

Quandary Phase-Hitchhikers Guide on BBC

I have a final in 45 minutes, so I’m surfing the web (instead of studying). But the long awaited for event has come again!

The BBC resurrected the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy radio series with all the original members of the cast (those still living anyway).   They also pulled out all the notes and pre-production stuff that was written at the end of the first series and death of Douglas Adams. The end of last year saw the Tertiary Phase broadcast (6 new episodes), and now they’re starting the Quandary Phase.  One episode each week here.

I already had the original series recorded but I also recorded the entire tertiary phase sessions with hopes to finish the Quandary Phase as well.  They’ll rebroadcast one episode for the whole week; so listen while you can!

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