Using the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK to Make Your Apps More Immersive and User Aware

Using the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK to Make Your Apps More Immersive and User Aware

Submitted by David Bookout (Intel) on August 26, 2013

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Matt Fife contributed a sample demonstrating how to integrate voice commands and face detection with the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK (available here: in to your game. 

In recent years, efforts have been made to make computers more aware of their physical surroundings. Modern computers and devices are equipped with sensors that provide such realtime data as system orientation, lighting conditions, global location, touch, and more. These sensors give our computers the ability to customize their behaviors based on their environments and how the user is interacting with them. Lighting sensors can be used to brighten and dim our displays based on ambient light conditions. New experiences can be created by using touch and orientation-based data to turn a device into a game controller.

The Intel Perceptual Computing SDK along with its 3D camera allows a system to be even more aware of its environment, and more specifically, about what the user is doing. This sample demonstrates how you can make simple additions to your applications to make the experience of using your software much more immersive and easy. Via the use of voice commands, you can do things like quit, pause and resume a game. By detecting if a user gets up from a system, your application can pause or take other actions. These methods can also be used to save power by sensing the user’s presence to dim or turn off displays automatically when they leave, and turn them back on when they return. By detecting if other person(s) are watching a screen, one can implement software privacy screens or hide age-sensitive content while not interrupting game play.

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