Denali jokes

Denali jokes

Here’s a joke I used in Denali on the park bus ride – got a good laugh:

The ranger gets on the bus and informs us to enjoy the park, but that we are indeed in bear country. While everything should be perfectly safe, we should take a few precautions. First, make noise while you walk so bears can hear you and get out of your way – try wearing little bells on your backpack/etc. Secondly, if you do encounter a bear, bring pepper spray. If the bear charges you, give it a full dose in the face. Finally, watch for bear droppings. Bears are territorial, so if you see bear droppings, odds are good they’ll be back so move through the area quickly.

A fellow camper asked how we recognize bear droppings. “Oh, that’s easy,” said the ranger, “they’re the droppings with little bells in them and smell like pepper spray.”

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