Boston – Day 3

Boston – Day 3

Probably the best day yet.  After dropping our sister off for her last day of work, we took off to Lexington/Concord.  We saw battle green in Lexington, and then traveled Battle Road to Concord.  At Concord we saw the North Bridge – where Patriot troops opened fire on British regulars and then a mob battle all the way back to Boston took place.

The visitors center about half-way down the trail has a really excellent video presentation of how the events took place.  Lots of stuff I didn’t realize about how this historic event took place.  It presents a great timeline of events and people involved.

Also along the very hikable trail are great preserved scenes and locations from the battle.  At one of the taverns where skirmishes took place, they even have musket demonstrations from a really great and knowledgeable staff.

So far, the most amazing thing so far is how close everything is.  You can drive one end of the road to the other in just 30 minutes – but the events that took place there ranged over a whole 24 hour period.  I would highly recommend this whole area if you have a chance to see it – and learn amazing things about the birth of your country.

Finally, we stopped by Waldon pond and saw the site of Thoreau’s cabin. Good times.

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