FLUX at 2023 Signal Festival

FLUX at 2023 Signal Festival

Signal Festival is a festival of artworks from light design, visual and digital art, artificial intelligence, as well as conceptual art. It occurs in several locations in Prague and has reached it’s 20th year.

FLUX was one of most cool looking entries for 2023. It’s a fascinating interactive light installation from Ksawery Komputery. The installation is 6 meters tall, 13-meter diameter on the ground, 4 high-speed cameras, 8-speaker sound system, 4 800 meters of LEDs strips, 144,000 pixels running at 100 frames per second, with custom software and hardware. As people approached the installation, it would display them on the strands of led lights.

It also made an earlier debut at Miami Art Week Dec 2022:

It reminds me a bit of the old Master Control Program from Tron

Check out some of their other really cool works here: https://ksawerykomputery.com/works/ or https://vimeo.com/ksawerykomputery

concept/code: Ksawery Kirklewski
sound design: Arkadiusz Krupiński @random_orb
tech management: Jakub Kirklewski @elektrojakub


Here’s a video that covers a number of entries at the Signal Festival in 2022:

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