Ghost stories for Christmas

Ghost stories for Christmas

A Ghost Story for Christmas was a series of annual British short television films originally broadcast on BBC One between 1971 and 1978, and revived sporadically by the BBC since 2005. The majority of the stories were from the collections of classic English ghost stories. Authors like M.R. James and others.

They’re definitely worth checking out, and it turns out a lot of them are online. You can also see them on Britbox. A Warning to the Curious is particular well done favorite of mine.

Broadcast orderTitleAir dateVideo linkChristopher Lee’s Ghost Stories for ChristmasAudiobook version
1The Stalls of BarchesterDec 24, 1971HereHereHere
2A Warning to the CuriousDec 24, 1972HereHereHere
3Lost HeartsDec 25, 1973HereHere
4The Treasure of Abbot ThomasDec 23, 1974HereHere
5The Ash TreeDec 23, 1975HereHereHere
6The SignalmanDec 22, 1976HereHere
7StigmaDec 28, 1977Here
8The Ice HouseDec 25, 1978Here

Revived series from 2005-present

The series ended in 1978. Maybe because of the two less than stellar final two entries: Stigma and The Ice House. Sadly, most of these are not online, but you might be able to find them via BBC and BritBox.

Broadcast orderTitleAir dateVideoChristopher Lee’s Ghost Stories for ChristmasAudiobook
9A View from a Hill23 December 2005HereHereHere
10Number 1322 December 2006HereHereHere
11Whistle and I’ll Come to You24 December 20101968 versionHere
12The Tractate Middoth25 December 2013Here
13The Dead Room24 December 2018
14Martin’s Close24 December 2019Here
15The Mezzotint24 December 2021TrailerHere
16Count Magnus23 December 2022BBC iPlayerHere
17Lot No. 249TBDHere

Other good short ghost stories

Mr Humphreys and His InheritanceHereHere
The Wailing WellHereHere

If you’re looking for a really reasonable playlist, try this YouTube playlist by bonpourvous.

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