‘Peaceful’ Protests

‘Peaceful’ Protests

This flier was making the rounds on local Portland social media during the 115 straight nights of riots in downtown Portland in 2020 – encouraging people to take these different roles. Video evidence you can find freely on YouTube and countless photos/Instagram accounts show that all of these roles were indeed being done on a nightly basis.

Note that only 1 of the 12 roles is a ‘peaceful protester’. The other 11 out of 12 roles include multiple levels of criminal assault, arson, social media disinformation, propaganda, and putting lives at risk blocking medical and rescue vehicles. It is most worth noting that ‘light mages’ using lasers/light directed towards people are in direct violation of international treaty against blinding weapons.

These are well-oiled machines; or as one person I know put it: Portland’s Protest-Industrial Complex.

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