Programming a new remote entry key fob for a 2004 Mazda 6

Programming a new remote entry key fob for a 2004 Mazda 6

Had one of my key fobs die and had to replace it.  Question is – how do you program the car and key fob to work together?  Turns out the process is quite entertaining.  People wonder what the heck you’re doing when you’re following this procedure out in front of your house on a well-traveled street.

Makes one wonder what other secret codes are available for your car…

Step 1: Open drivers door and leave open.

Step 2: Lock and unlock the drivers door using the power door lock switch on the door.

Step 3: Insert key into the ignition.

Step 4: Turn key to on position and return to off position. (IMPORTANT – use ON position NOT ACC position). Do this 3 times within 10 seconds. Leave key in the ignition.

Step 5: Open and close the drivers door 3 times. (Door should be left open after this step).

Step 6: ECU should respond by locking and unlocking the doors.

Step 7: Press any button on remote #1. ECU responds by locking and unlocking the car doors.

Step 8: Press any button on remote #2 (etc.) Each time the ECU will respond by locking & unlocking the doors.

Step 9: Remove the key from the ignition and the ECU will respond a final time with a series of door locks and unlocks. You’re done!


3 thoughts on “Programming a new remote entry key fob for a 2004 Mazda 6

  1. Hi I am Jeff. I followed the instructions step by step and I still can’t get the remote to work. So I don’t now what else to do or is my car not capable of being programmed.

    1. Hmmm, I did this on 2 separate occasions in the mid-2000’s and it worked ok.

      It is possible they have updated the firmware and changed the process – or that your key fob is dead/not working right. Check your fob batteries and see if you can test if it’s actually working (my fobs died in the past). Also, this works on a 2004 Mazda 6s. It likely will NOT work on any other make/model – or even different model year.

      Other option is to print this out and go to the Mazda dealer. If you get a cool guy in the parts department, they might look the sequence up and verify it. I got this sequence from a Mazda forum – so maybe check there.

  2. I checked the fob and is working frequency 433mhz but still can’t get it to work 2004 mazda6 lux

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