Raiders of the Lost Ark – done by 12 year olds

Raiders of the Lost Ark – done by 12 year olds

I caught one of the 3 sold out shows this weekend. Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Adaptation

I’ve seen other kids that attempt to remake movies – but this went above and beyond. It was almost shot for shot the same movie sans the fight scene with the nazi at the plane and a few other modifications. But they actually went to a navy yard and filmed the scenes on a U-boat, the fighting/fire scenes in the Mariann’s bar in Afghanistan too. They even had the chase scene where Indy falls down the front of the military truck hauling the ark, slides underneath the truck and then pulls himself back up after being dragged behind it. They did the front crawl down, and then the dragging/pulling himself back up scene. Couldn’t believe how dangerous that was and they did it as kids.

They started at 12 years old, and finished about the time they were 17 – so you can actually see them age as the movie goes on. The guys who made it were there talking afterwards and had some fun stories to tell. Needless to say, during the filming, there were several trips to the hospital involved. Awesome stuff.

Not available on DVD unfortunately due to copyright, but keep your eye out to see if they do a showing in your town.

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