A front crank seal? Again?

A front crank seal? Again?

So, I got the new car and so far it’s been great. The only issue that was present before I bought it was the inspector found a minor oil leak with the front crank seal. I was assured it would be fixed and I believe they did do the work. However, when I got the car one could quite distinctly smell burning oil after the engine got warm – and in one case – I popped the hood and could even see the oil smoke from the left side of the engine. Unacceptable.

So I took it to a local Mazda dealer who said the same front crank seal was leaking (and the oil pan gasket was leaking too). I had them fix it, and SO FAR it appears to have solved the problem. When I got it back I could still catching a bit of smell if I push it hard, stopped, and crank the fan full (worst case scenario) – but only 3 hours after the fix – I’m hoping it was only residual oil in the compartment (which they mentioned). This morning I drove all the way in to work without the slightest smell. I hope it’s really fixed and not a systemic/more serious problem. Only a bit more time will tell for sure. I must say, however, I’ve never been so happy I got the bumper-to-bumper warranty on a used car. The fix supposedly cost $535, but cost me nothing and I got a loaner while it was being done. Let’s hope I don’t have to do it again.

  • Extended warranty just paid for itself in one trip to the dealer – and I still have 2 years of it left…
  • They put so much armor-all on the leather seats I felt like I was on a slip-n-slide while driving. I always wear my seatbelt – but I would have had to just to stay in the seat during braking. After about a week, I have now worn enough of it off that I can sit in the seat without it being an adventure.
  • The ‘new car’ smelling cleaner stuff they used is not to my liking. Car is immaculate (it works) but the smell is just too cleaner-y/pine-sol-y/waxy. I’m trying to air out the car and it’s working, but it’s been so rainy it’s hard to drive with the windows down. Should be normal in a week or so.
  • Mazda dealers upgraded the software in the transmission due to a recall, but it makes the shifting different. It makes the upshifts buttery smooth – but in really rare cases (read 2-3 times now) it tends to downshift while slowing a millisecond faster than I would normally think. It’s totally fine, but shows you what software will do.
  • I LOVE the auxMod aux-line in addition I added. That and it works with the next item:
  • Love the on-steering wheel controls for stereo and cruise. I can change volume am/fm/aux, and all cruise settings.
  • Not digging the after-market tinted windows. I might have it taken off as they are just those plastic sheet style types.  They look sharp – but I feel like a drug dealer.  Anyone pulled them off before? Does it leave goo/mess on the windows?

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