Recent car sales numbers.

Recent car sales numbers.

Reports on car sales are out – and the results aren’t surprising, but the numbers are not pretty. Overall sales are down about 14% compared to last year, truck and SUV sales are down about 30%, with only small car sales being up (way up). Luxury cars are also down. Some numbers (these are all the year-to-year ADJUSTED averages – some articles quote the unadjusted numbers):

Honda (+11% overall):
Honda Fit +73.8%

Nissan (+1.6%)
Altima +28.1% (test drove one – great car for money, great reliability, but a little cheap with interior plastics/finish)
Versa +26.4%
Sentra +25.5%
Titan -54.9%

Toyota (-3.3% overall):
Camry -2.6% (no surprise to me – these have been way overpriced for some time – and reliability has slipped)
Corolla -7.3% (also overpriced for features)
Prius +53.8%

Ford (-18.5% overall):
F-Series -21.0%
Explorer -38.5%
Expedition -35.5%
Focus +43.5%

Chrystler (-29.4% overall)

GM (-12.2% overall)

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