Google – are you losing it?

Google – are you losing it?

I use Google to search for everything. But you know what? In the last year, I’ve had to go to Yahoo search to find things that Google doesn’t seem to be able to find. A few interviews reveals that Google tweaks its engine regularly (450 times in 2007 alone), but I was looking up some author bios and papers for work, and Google stubbornly refused to find anything useful on them. Yet Yahoo search popped up what I was looking for right in the first ten hits. On top of that, I’ve noticed Google maps (my favorite) has also been somewhat glitchier and slower lately – especially when searching for local businesses (looking up ‘Chinese’ or ‘bike shop’ or the like). I still have Google as my default search, but things feel a little less solid than before.

Anyone else notice this?

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