Stuff white people like

Stuff white people like

Wow oh wow do I love this book:

If you want to know what living in Portland is a lot like, read this book.  Becuase if it doesn’t accurately describe half the people I know in Portland – I’ll quit.  It’s pretty much a stinging satire of all things that Portland loves – but probably true for most major metropolitan centers.  I’ve personally seen almost every one of these things on the list occur.  It started as a website, but now is in book form.  I picked one up for cheap at Powell’s today (another place/thing white people like!).

Here are some of my favorites:
#2 – Religions that their parents don’t belong too
#15 – Yoga
#16 – Gifted Children – favorite quote of the book:

Because if a white kid gets crappy grades and can’t seem to ever do anything right in school, they are still gifted! How you ask? They are just TOO smart for school. They are too creative, too advanced to care about the trivial minutiae of the day to day operations of school.
Eventually they will show their creativity in their elaborate constructions of bongs and intimate knowledge different kinds of mushrooms and hash.

#18 – Raising awareness – My favorite
#19 – Traveling Abroad – this one is so spot on in the book they have an actual form letter that a traveler can send to their friends that sounds almost exactly like letters I get from friends traveling abroad.  Even the order they write it in is the same.  Freaky
#27 – Marathons
#32 – Vegetarianism
#40 – Apple Products
#53 – Dogs
#61 – Bicycles
#75 – Threatening to move to Canada
#80 – The idea of Soccer
#82 – Hating corporations
#94 – Socialized Medical Care

Or, just read them all.

I think I might start a Portland version of this very thing – since the bicycle situation in Portland isn’t quite the same as his version.  In fact, in the book, he mentions Portland specifically several times…

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