The Police

The Police

Got to go to The Police reuinion tour concert last Friday.  That was awesome.  Had planned to go with some friends – but that all feel apart at the last minute.  Fortunately we didn’t buy tickets, so I popped online to get one off trusty craigslist.  Which I lined one up, but when I got to the gate, couldn’t find the guy.  By then, I could hear The Police were getting introduced (I came late to skip the opener).  What?  A concert actually starting on time?  That’s wierd.  Anyway, I found a guy that was kind of desperate looking and sold me a 10th row seat right in front of Sting for $80.  We ran in just in time for the second song.  Amazing seats.  I later found out those tickets were $400.  Even though it was sold out, none of the tickets on craigslist were selling at even face value – seems it wasn’t quite as popular as some folks thought.  Anyway, we ran right up front and I was close enough to the stage I could have walked about 10 steps up and jumped up myself.  Never been that close to stage at a big concert like this – and on top of that it was Sting who was right in front of me:

(I stole this from the Oregonian, but the photographer was literally taking shots right in front of me. The guitar looked old enough to be one of the originals he used.  Along with the police badge on the guitar strap – nice touch.  More photos the photographer took here)

It was a great concert, but not very long.  The guys only played about an one hour thirty minutes, and put on a good show – even if it felt a bit mechanical at times.  They started on time, but ‘finished’ almost exactly an hour in.  The first and second oncore took it another 30 minutes.  It felt really short because of that.  It was obviously still almost a completely Sting-lead show.  They methodically played all their classics: Walking on the Moon, Don’t Stand so Close to Me, Every Breath you Take, etc.  They were really close to the original versions and they churned one after the other with little embelishments and modifications.  Even after all these years, he’s still got an amazing voice; but you could tell a few things had changed with time.  One – he’s porting a beard now – which is odd.  The whole band was greying and age was certainly creeping into the wrinkles.  Sting was drinking from a coffee cup the whole time (yep, I was close enough to tell – but not if it was really coffee).  They were kind of no-nonsense.  Do the tunes, play and sing well, and then be done.  Sting made a big point to keep pointing out the band members – which was a nice show of comradery.

I definitely got the sense of a much older, wiser and more collegial atmosphere.  Gone were heady 20-something angsty in-fighting of their earlier years.  You could tell they were doing this for each other.  Overall, great experience and I’m super-happy I went.  Even happier that I scored 10th row tickets for $80.

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