Intel Developer Forum – My project is image 3

Intel Developer Forum – My project is image 3

Intel’s annual developer forum is where they roll out a lot of our new stuff.  Anandtech covered the IDF (Intel Developers forum) keynote.  Turns out, my project made it to the keynote with the strange description of: “No need to sort for transparency demo. Sorry, that’s as well as I can describe it. Look at the picture.”.  The man has a way with words. 🙂 

Still, I am the sole developer writing the code for this technology; and nice to see my work in the keynote.  My technique is the 3rd picture down of the futuristic towers and glowing orb.  It was a really nice animation – but not such a great web/phonecam photo apparently.  ArsTechnica also have an article on Larrabee that you might find interesting (I’m not confirming or denying anything in their coverage – just that they have coverage)

Any rate – lots of good stuff coming out of the IDF (including a lot of really cool features in Nehalem/7i like Turbo mode, etc).  I must confess I don’t know more than the public press releases – but the feature of this new Nehelem core look great. 

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