Saw the old Nissan

Saw the old Nissan

Well well.  Have you ever sold a car, then saw it again?  I just did.

I was driving back home on Saturday, and saw a familiar car.  It only took a second to realize it was my old 93 Nissan Altima that I had sold a fellow a few months ago.  In Oregon, the plates go with the car – so I knew for 100% sure it was my old car.  Outside of looking like it needed a good bath – it looked exactly the same and running great.  I had to turn off for my stop – but for about 3-4 miles – I got to follow the car that served me so well for 10 years.  Appears to be serving the next guy just as well.

How about you?  Ever see your old car or other item that you sold in someone elses hands – even years later?

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