The Malbolge is the 8th / second deepest circle of Hell in Dante’s Inferno. It’s also a programming language that recently appeared in the TV show Elementary:


For Dante, Malbolge was a funneled pit with 10 different ditches that contained the different people guilty of fraud: seducers, fraudulent lenders, forgers, alchemists, sowers of discord, perjurers, impersonators, false counselors, and the like.

Malbolge is also a programming language designed by Ben Olmstead in 1998 to be a nearly impossible language to use. It takes previous ridiculous languages like Brainfuck and the like, and then combines the ideas with base 3 arithmetic, self-altering code, encryption, and other esoteric computer science topics.

It turns out the code above is actually valid, and prints “Hello World”.

Reminds me of these guys. After years of seeing people horribly butcher computers, they decided to make sure everything appearing on screen was valid and correct.

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