VR reveals why nobody should handle a weapon until they have basic training

VR reveals why nobody should handle a weapon until they have basic training

VR has been fascinating for revealing human nature.
In the course of 75 seconds on this video, this guy makes more fatal or near fatal weapons handling mistakes than just about anyone I’ve ever seen. The one at 2:46 is particularly cringe-worthy.
A new sandbox game called ‘Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades’ allows anyone to fire all kinds of weapons. What makes this video very relevant is that the mistakes this guy makes are almost all the classic ones that someone with no training does in real life. More than a few people have been killed and maimed by the exact behaviors this guy demonstrates.

Some of the ones you’ll see here are:

  • Unsafe muzzle direction (lack of any muzzle awareness really – countless times. Roof, self, other lanes, etc)
  • Sweeping body/others if they were anywhere around him
  • Accidental discharge
  • Looking down the barrel
  • Finger on the trigger when not intending to fire (see 3rd one)
  • Not knowing how to make the weapon safe – both unloading or checking chambers
  • Not making the weapon safe before putting it down
  • Not knowing how to load the weapon or check if it’s loaded
  • Lack of respect for the weapon

Any one of these would get you kicked off of any weapons range or training course. That’s saying the people around you didn’t tackle you first due to the mortal danger in which you were putting yourself and everyone around you.

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