Battlestar Galactica finale

Battlestar Galactica finale

Spoiler alert – so don’t read if you don’t want to get anything ruin-t…

I just got around to watching the finale of Battlestar Galactica.  I must say the final battle scene was really well done – just a touch crazy – but still very cool attack plan and execution.  It will take a much better writer than I’ve seen yet to beat the atmosphere jump manuver they pulled off in Season 3 episode 4.  That was just awesome – beats almost every Star Wars/Star Trek manuver ever done…but anyway.

They tried to tie up all those loose ends, but I left feeling a bit unsatisifed.  They did a good job with the finale – but I think the series kind of just took a life of it’s own over time and got a little too schitzophrenic for me starting about season 3.  A friend described it as, “I’ve never watched a series that I actually fast forwarded through so much so often”.  I think we were working at the same root cause.  My impression is that they kept investing huge chunks of episodes into things/themes that really didn’t go very far or have any real meaning in the end. I mean, they just shut off Baltar’s harem and his Kafka-esque monologs with the flick of a switch after running it as massive parts of the story for several seasons?  There was a huge story there – but it just shut off and that was that.  And the rambings about higher purposes/etc and angles and so forth – felt like lots of it was just dropped on the cutting room floor for me.  And Kira just dissappearing, and then using the oldest sci-fi cliche in the book of saying life on earth was really just seeded/developed from beings visiting from another world.  Not a bad way to end things – but certainly not original either.  I felt like it lacked a good cohesive story when really considered from season 1 episode 1 to the very end.

Overall, I’d give it a 6/10 – worth sifting through – but definitely lots of good skippable parts. Did I just really miss it? Feedback folks – let me know if I missed some big ah-ha moment and just offended the sci-fi minions…

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