Really great flight and travel tools

Really great flight and travel tools

Amazing travel links:

  • TheFlightDeal – Best site for getting the current super deals from your home city.
  • – not sure where you want to go? Check out a live map of cheap fares from anywhere to anywhere.
  • – If you’re destination- and/or date-agnostic and just want a great deal, use this. Works especially well on short notice.
  • – If you’re not set on your destination, use the “everywhere” destination search to search … everywhere.
  • – Indispensable for previewing the indignities of your chosen seat on any specific flight.

Airport tools:

  • Loungebuddy – Review, preview and purchase access to lounges at airports here and abroad — both members-only and those offering walk-up entry.
  • Airgrub – Pay by app, then pick up your meal on the way to the gate — it’ll even apply discounts for alliance members where applicable.
  • Mobile Passport – Skip the largely unliked MyTSA app and install this instead — it’ll get you through immigration a lot faster, as long as the airport you arrive at (there are 21) has a separate line handling Mobile Passport folks.
  • GateGuru – From delay notifications to gate-proximate directions to the closest Starbucks, this aims to streamline your journey from airport entry to jetway.
  • AirportParkingReservations – A fast and holistic way to book discounted parking near your airport of choice.

Finding something to do:

  • Airbnb: Experiences – The room-booking behemoth’s next big play: Use it to plan outings and activities.
  • Spotted by Locals – Travel guide apps are a dime a dozen, but a commitment to locals’ perspective guarantees a unique mix of picks.
  • Party With a Local – Like except only for parties. It might be the fastest way to connect with locals looking to mingle.


  • Google Translate – Little known fact: Everybody’s favorite desktop translator offers downloadable packs in 52 languages, from Afrikaans to Welsh
  • Citymapper – The indispensable tool for navigating a city and public transport — use it once and you’ll forget Google Maps ever existed.
  • Google Trips – An easy, intuitive way to get recs for nearby restaurants and attractions — plus it’ll organize all your travel details in one place.
  • Hotspot Shield – Free VPN – can help you watch shows overseas as in your own geo.
  • WhatsApp – There are dozens of ways to connect with friends and locals, but this might be the most popular and most convenient — call home over a wifi connection and you might be surprised at the (high) quality of the reception.

Twitter account to follow for blooper fares and flash sales

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18. Pilot Maria
19. Fly Malin
20. EchoSierra85


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