Russia – Day 3

Russia – Day 3

Another completely full day of meetings and technical talks – actually even more so.  We stick around for a mandatory all-hands meeting at 7pm that our second-level manager is giving from Oregon (8am their time) – so my day runs from 8:30am till 8pm.  We then head out to an Uzbekistan food joint.

It’s very much like the Marrakesh in Portland and great food.  I get a wonderful Uzbeki pilaf dish of chicken, raisins, something like Spanish/spicy rice and the most gigantic beer glasses I’ve ever seen (they were 1/2 litre glasses).

We head out with two Russian coworkers and have fantastic time.  The two guys are lots of fun, but by 11pm, I’m completely exhausted.  I catch a cab and head home.  Kind of bummed that today was so much work and not much outside fun.  However, I’m clearing Friday off so that I can see some of the sights before we leave.

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