Clue: The Storybook

Clue: The Storybook

It’s no secret that I love Clue the movie. But there were also some books written from the screenplay. Unfortunately, since the movie wasn’t a big commercial success, the books were quickly discontinued and forgotten. This means that getting your hands on one of them is rather difficult – and expensive.

Thanks to an inter-library loan, however, I recently acquired a copy of Clue: The Storybook and did a page by page scan. I then combined them into a convenient PDF. I was actually surprised the in-book pictures weren’t actually the best quality, but the book itself is a fun, albeit abbreviated and simple, read.

Probably the most interesting part of the book is that it reveals a 4th ending that had been rumored at, but never filmed.

Give the book a look here.

Clue: The Storybook
by John Landis, Ann Matthews, Jonathan Lynn
Dec 1, 1985

  • ISBN-10: 0671618679
  • ISBN-13: 978-0671618674

3 thoughts on “Clue: The Storybook

    1. I have the Michael McDowell novel myself. You can find copies on ebay occasionally for $100-$200 depending on condition.

      However, you can listen to an amature reading of the whole audiobook version on youtube. Just be prepared for some mispronunciations and standard amature flubs.

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