Tower climber

Tower climber

When I was a kid out in rural Indiana, we didn’t have cable.  We also didn’t do the satellite thing – so we only had over-the-air TV.  Well, you also need a pretty good sized, and tall, antenna to get a decent set of stations.  I still remember putting up our antenna tower.  It was probably about 50-75ft tall and assembled in 3 sections bolted together.

I remember my brothers and I taking climbing excursions up the tower, to test your bravery and see how high you’d get.  Back in the day, I actually wrote up the idea for a game called ‘Tower Climber’ based on this.  Back in real life, I was small as a kid and could climb inside the tower until the 3rd and final section.  But once you got to that third section, you had to go outside the box and climb outside.  The tower would also start jiggling more and since the sections tapered inward, your hand-holds also got narrower.  I never made it all the way to the top but got within 2-3 feet at my best – though 2 of my brothers did (though at least one *smartly* used a climbing rope around the tower).

Anyway, when I saw this, it brought it all came back…

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