Oregon custom plate search

Oregon custom plate search

Want to get a custom Oregon license plate? You can check the availability of your desired vanity plate online here: https://dmv2u.oregon.gov/eServices/_/#1

Interestingly, even if the plate is available it doesn’t mean you can get it. All vanity plates must pass through 3 different reviewers independently to make sure you’re not trying to slip something nefarious by them. Also, there are some other limitations:

  • Currently 6 characters is the max and 1 character is the minimum
  • Transliteration happens for the letter O => number 0. i.e. LOOPY == L00PY
  • Just because a plate is Available for reservation, doesn’t mean it will be issued. Requests can be denied for a number of reasons.
  • All Oregon Custom Plates go through a panel, of 3 persons (I believe), who review appropriateness of each Custom Plate Request.
  • Just because because a plate configuration isn’t currently Restricted doesn’t mean it will pass the review panel.

This guy even made a twitter feed that checks for common and funny words you might want and when they come available.

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