Rotary dial smart phone

Rotary dial smart phone

Justine is a woman after my own heart. There is a growing body of evidence that our world of non-stop social media is actually detrimental to your mental health – and especially the mental health of young people. Studies are increasingly showing strong correlations to the amount of time spent on social media and problems such as poor self esteem, depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

But before you call us luddites, know that she develops instrumentation for cosmology and astrophysics at a national lab on the east coast. I develop software at a Fortune 50 company.

I wanted to make my own phone because I was sick of other options. I don’t like smart phones. I don’t like texting. I wanted something that would be a function phone that would be entirely mine and as tactile as possible while having better reception.

I don’t like modern smartphones because they facilitate this culture of hyper connectivity as well as being super finicky. It cannot text – and that’s by design.


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