Using TWAIN driver for your Canon CanoScan LIDE 25 on Windows 7 x64

Using TWAIN driver for your Canon CanoScan LIDE 25 on Windows 7 x64

Yeah, so you automatically got the newest driver for your Canoscan when upgrading to Windows 7.  However, when you go into Photoshop CS5, you no longer see TWAIN devices listed(!).  Unfortunately, in Adobe’s infinite wisdom, they have discontinued installing TWAIN support by default.  You need to go here:

to download the ‘Photoshop CS5 Optional Plugins’ free download.

Edit: Note – this ONLY works with 32-bit version of Photoshop CS5.  There still is no TWAIN support on 64-bit Photoshop.

Unzip the file, then copy Twain_32.8BA from the zip’s
\PSCS5OptionalPlugins_Win_en_US\Optional Plug-Ins\Win32

directory, and copy it into your Photoshop CS5 32-bit plugins folder:

C:Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Plug-ins\
directory.  Restart Photoshop and you should see your TWAIN capture option again.

7 thoughts on “Using TWAIN driver for your Canon CanoScan LIDE 25 on Windows 7 x64

  1. After literally more than a year of surfing through forums, checking various international sites for CanoSCAM…oops…I mean CanoScan, messing around with a watermark filled VueScan trial, and a dwindling hope of finding just one properly functioning update for my LIDE 25 scanner, I am truly grateful for your workaround! 🙂
    The link and instructions worked like a charm.
    Many MANY thanks. Time to spread the word.

  2. Glad to hear it Anthony – do spread the word. As I recall, there is an ‘optional’ pack for every version of CS – you just have to dig around on the Adobe website for it.

  3. Dear Matt,

    if you are still connected and at disposal of unskillfull users, I don’t find the plugins for Twain for Photishop Cs5 for windows. You linked and suggested a webpage of the Adobe, in which there are many plugins but not the one I am looking for.

    Do you know if it exists the possibility to have that plugin from another website? Do you mean, I have to change my photoshop?

    Thanks in advance,


  4. I just checked, and the download link they provide on that page is still active and the plugin in there. You do need to unzip and follow their instructions. It also only works on the 32-bit version of Photoshop – NOT the x64 version.

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