Peel P50

Peel P50

A while back Top Gear reviewed the world’s smallest car: the Peel P50.

But did you know that they are still being made and you can actually buy and own a brand new, street legal Peel P50? While they run £8,250 in the UK, US buyers can purchase an all electric one for a mere $1,100.

Not only that, but they are re-manufacturing a number of other tiny cars in the line – with a whole host of colors and features. There is a Cabrio version that is a convertible, a Trident that has a classic 60’s era bubble dome cockpit, and even build-it-yourself kits.

P50 Cabrio

P50 Trident
P.50 Kit reproduction replica peel p50 mk1 isle of man top gear capri blue
Build it yourself kit!

Head on over to and see if one suits your fancy!

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    1. It looks like you can still order from the website I linked in the article. I am not affiliated with them (I just post cool things I find), so I would recommend contacting the company from the link.

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