These dreams are made for you

These dreams are made for you

Media Molecule’s latest title Dream is a creation platform that allows users to make virtual worlds/games and then sharing them with others.

It’s first year has seen some great creations – with a lot of content created by some amazing artists and game developers. With such a powerful creative engine/tool available for anyone and everyone to create amazing worlds and share them – you’d expect it to be a panacea for both developers, artists, and players.

In reality, however, it seems like there is a problem. While there is no shortage of amazing creators and amazing art, music, and playable creations, there seems to be a real shortage of players. This actually surprised me.

Are these issues new, part of larger issues, or exposing issues we’ve already had before? There are complaints about getting visibility to your creation above the noise – much like mobile app developers and indie musicians have had for years. Is continuing to lower the bar of entry, that enables anyone to create whatever they want, leading to oversaturation? Or is it an age-old problem that the vast majority of creative work isn’t actually compelling to the masses?

Give the linked article a look – it’s a great discussion on how the whole game industry might be going.

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