Sony MDR-V6 headphone replacement ear pads

Sony MDR-V6 headphone replacement ear pads

After 5+ years of using these continually award-winning $120 headphones, the covering on the ear pads we’re starting to flake off and leave little black flakes around.  A common problem.  At under $7/each – and designed for easy replacement – getting replacement earpads was considerably cheaper than getting a new set of headphones.  Finding replacement pads, however, was somewhat difficult.  People had 3rd party pads, but the last replacement set I bought previously didn’t last much more than a year.  I went to Sony’s store, but didn’t have much luck finding them on their parts site.  Anyway, jumped on chat and got the skinny:
Once you’re there, please choose any of the items below (remote, adapter, etc). Then it will lead you to a new page and on the upper right hand there is a search box in which you can enter a search by part number.  Enter the part number and on the drop down menu, please choose “part number”.

Sony part number: 211566803
MDR-V6 headphone replacement ear pads – 211566803

They’ll show up as super-generic: PAD, EAR, but should be what you need.  Or at least I hope, since I just ordered them. 🙂

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