Particles, Fields, and the Future of Physics

Particles, Fields, and the Future of Physics

With all the negativity and outrage peddling, I have been continually and unabashedly curating my media intake to truly educational, growing, and inspirational sources that remind us of the far greater amount of discoveries and good going on in the world.

As someone that went to Fermilab during a high school trip, this video was an awesome update. It is an absolutely fantastic and approachable talk given by Sean Carroll at Fermilab in 2013. He does a great job explaining the development and current state of particle physics (given shortly after the discovery of the Higgs boson).

Most interesting to me is the description of how physics today use statistical methods to generate a very steady march of discovery, and why the CERN collider in Europe is just one of the many new avenues of discovery along this path. Even newer and even more fascinating experiments are being designed that don’t involve ever larger circular colliders but conducting experiments through the planet surface hundreds of miles away and the new return back to linear accelerators.

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