St. Michael Award

St. Michael Award

I won one of the yearly awards from the seminary last night at our annual Appreciation dinner.  It was one of 5 awards given out; and the local Catholic paper put our picture and story in the paper.  I got the St. Michael the Arch-angel award.  This was awarded to the person who faithfully carried out an already existing activity with great fidelity, or came up with a new one that significantly contributed to the life of the community.

I won for creating and printing up a photo directory in book format – think yearbook style.  I worked with two other guys and the Abbey press to get it done; and it was the results of about 2 years of planning and picture taking.  Working with the press was extremely fun and interesting.  They have some amazing binding and printing machines that print, fold, trim, staple and scratch your back while doing it.  It’s amazing equipment.  What’s funny is that next year I will not be at the seminary (pastoral year) so someone else will have to do it. 🙂

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