Spring break ends

Spring break ends

Ugh, the end of spring break and I only got 1 paper done that I needed to do.  I still need to get at least one more done by tomorrow.  But it was a great break.

My sister came out and we went to the beach, Portland, Seattle, and snowboarding up on Mt Hood.  They had just opened Meadows for skiing the day before.  It was a late start to the season since there was such a lack of snow.  It was actually really good snowboarding – lots of powder from the night before.  Lots of fun; but now I’m realizing how old I’m getting.  Doing week-long trips of driving around and frantically seeing sights each day has really started losing it’s appeal and take a LOT more out of me.  I used to love making epic, hurried, sight-seeing road trips.  Once I did a road trip from Albuquerque, NM to Durango, CO to Arches NP in Utah, to Las Vegas, and back across Arizona to Albuquerque in one weekend trip – about 1200 miles in 2 days and 3 nights to get about 5 hours of sleep.  Went to work the next day without a lot of difficulty.  Gone are those days.  Hmmm… looks like I have reflection material here.  Perhaps after I get my paper done…

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