Canon 300D(ead) + Oregonian

Canon 300D(ead) + Oregonian

I had to ship my digital rebel in for repairs because it died.  I loaned it to a friend, because he was thinking of buying one; but it just stopped powering up.  No idea.  I was evaluating the Canon 20D at the time, and man oh man, that camera is really the bomb.  I have to say that it is a huge step up from the 300D, it made me really salivate, but I just couldn’t justify the cost.  Now, perhaps, the decision might be made for me.  On the fun side, it’s great when things die just outside the warranty. 🙂

I got into the Oregonian front page article on the pope’s death this last Sunday.  I interviewed with a friend of mine, Shelby Oppel Wood at the Oregonian.  I hadn’t seen her for almost 3 years; since the last article she did on me.  She’s a fun person to talk with and you can find the article here.

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