Setting up dialup modems at home without a land line

Setting up dialup modems at home without a land line

If you’ve ever wanted to try out dialup connections for retro purposes, you might think you need a land phone line to do it. You could use a full-fledged telephone line simulator, but those are expensive and actually overkill. Instead, you can use certain voice over IP (VOIP) adapters to generate the dial tone you need. They can be found on eBay for about thirty bucks. Spend about fifteen minutes configuring it and any pair of modems will be able to connect through it. Even better, you could use IP forwarding to make the dialup-to-VOIP work with anyone else in the world via modem-over-TCP/IP.

Which VOIP devices can do this?

  • Cisco SPA122
  • Cisco SPA2102
  • Linksys SPA2102
  • Linksys PAP2T
  • Sipura SPA2100

Cathode Ray Dude shows you how with a full write up here or watch this video:

If you want to manually make your own device that creates a simulated dial tone, you can check out this write-up that I did previously.

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