Intel ARC videos

Intel ARC videos

Intel has taken a really interesting tact with it’s ARC graphics card launch. Instead of coming out with marketing guns blazing and touting the next nVidia killer – this first round of ARC discrete parts is set to tackle the mid and lower range users needs. Something that has been desperately needed over the last 2 years in the great GPU shortage created during COVID and bitcoin miners (who are now dumping cards at firesale prices after Bitcoin dropped from the $3 trillion dollar market cap to just at $1 trillion in 6 months)

Instead of just marketing claims, Intel has been sending Intel fellow Tom Peterson and Ryan Shrout around to the local hardware reviewing websites and channels. They’re walking the reviewers through all the ins and outs of these cards on camera – with actual initial production hardware. This openness and engineer-to-engineer interaction has gotten a surprisingly amount of love from a often curmudgeonly viewership. Here’s some quotes:

This kind of open and honest communication is 10x better marketing than any advertisement spot they could have paid for.

I really like that Intel is hands on and bringing back some “customer” focus.

Give Ryan and Tom a raise. They’re doing great! It’s nice to see two actual humans and not corporate robots for a change

This whole thing made me realize how starved companies have us; with just the smallest show of openness and communication it’s hard not to get your strings pulled. But it’s such a breath of fresh air, and a real oddity at this point in time

Props to Ryan and Tom. I’m sure some shareholders are gonna pull their hair out of this kind of “transparency” with the marketing instead of just pushing the old “our product is great and no other company exists outside of ours” nonesense on customers. Seeing how Intel is letting these guys be honest and personal with journalists and interacting with the online community is gonna help them a LOT. I have much more faith in this project after seeing this video and GN’s interview with them earlier, hats off to Intel for doing it this way.

ARC A750 hands-on, architecture, specs, driver challenges, timelines, overclocking with Tom:

Gamer’s Nexus’s great technical breakdown on performance with Tom:

Linus Tech Tips coverage of the A770 with Tom Peterson and Ryan Shrout:

A380 gaming benchmarks that include analysis of rebar and comparison with competitors:

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