Own an island off the coast of Scotland

Own an island off the coast of Scotland

As of August 1, 2022, Scottish Pladda Island is for sale via Knight Frank. Besides the 27 acres of island, it also houses a working lighthouse, walled garden, lightkeepers house, various outbuildings, stone landing jetty, and even a helipad – for any offers in excess of £350,000 (approx. $426,000 USD).

There are some caveats. The lighthouse is still owned and operated by the Scottish Northern Lighthouse Board and they have right of servitude and access to the lighthouse and solar array for inspection, maintenance, repair, and renewal. They maintain right of access to tie up boats at the jetty and land helicopters. There is no power or water supply to the island. A well exists but the pump and storage tank must be replaced. None of the houses have been lived in for some time and renovations will be required.

However, for the cost of a house in a major city, you might just own your own Scottish island.

Checkout out the brochure and floorplans – or make your bid!

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