Make-A-Will month

Make-A-Will month

Our ultimate journey to eternity is something Catholics know a lot about. Sadly, 2/3 of all Americans do not have a will. Without one, loved ones not only have to deal with grief, but with difficult estate issues without legal protections, knowing your wishes, locations of assets, etc. Sadly, in too many cases, the people left to deal with these legal and financial matters are not equipped to deal with them emotionally or fiscally.

Each August, the Church encourages everyone to get a will made. This year, they have partnered with FreeWill for members to get a will made free of charge. A link to getting a free will made was sent if you’re on the archdiocese mailing list, or contact the archdiocese office/your parish for more information.

Here was the info:

August is National Make-A-Will Month! So this month we’re encouraging our entire community to consider how they can plan for the future in a way that honors their loved ones, community, and faith.

No matter what your “estate” includes, everyone needs a plan. But ⅔ of Americans don’t have one, and many in our community may not have a trusted place to start!

That’s why we partner with FreeWill to offer members of our community this free estate planning tool. Having a legal will in place is more than checking something off your to-do list — it also provides the opportunity to create intentional plans that have a lasting impact on what you love most.

If you don’t have an up-to-date will in place, you can use this estate planning resource from FreeWill to get started. FreeWill is a trusted online platform that can help you write your legal will in 20 minutes or less at zero personal cost.

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